Lifestyle to be flourish in beauty

It’s a notion of God Never ending stretch If you say
Hi pretty Hi handsome
It’s drop in ocean A book never finish Until the end of days Let’s decorate Ornamented Everything’s Because God created us in often We live in beauty From the beginning When we are children If we have a little son We feel more than good Beauty growing up with us Children beauty in each Other Boys beauty in same manner Men women in comparison Older beauty in similar points Universe in beauty Never do harm to us To be in order Worship our god Not Savages burtals Servants In beauty With love Right justice wisdom Move ur mouth sweet up Life style to be Thinking always In happy ending days u win Ur earth mostly beauty In universe
Our cosmetic flourish in beauty anther kind appear. Very

To all people Don’t blooded the blood Flourish in beauty


Our galaxy the milky way
120000lightyears distance
We are with the solar system
Point of needle.
In the galaxy
We learn less normal size
As humans
And the age is short.
But it’s beautiful
To flourish in beauty .
Take chance
Before the train miss u.



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